As its name implies, Campbell Antique Hotel & Cafe (坎贝尔古董咖啡厅酒店) is an unique hotel that let guests immerse themselves in the culture of Old Penang. There are many old stories to tell from the building itself to the collected antiques that display everywhere in the hotel.

The building was constructed in the mid-19th century as cargo transport hub as well as a hostel for people who were planning to go oversea or just reached Penang and waiting someone to bring them home.

The building no longer acts as transit station after the ownership changed from Le Tian Chan to Lean Seng Chan.  It became the classic shop-house of Lean Seng Chan Penang Branch where ground floor used for business activities while upper floors were residential area.

campbell antique hotel and cafe in georgetown

The current owner retains the main characteristics of this South-East Asian building. It makes you soak out in the old Penang vibe while you’re passing narrow long corridor inside the hotel at the same time stepping on old pattern floor tiles.

You’ll be attracted with the old fashioned wall clocks and different antique display inside the shelves when you step in this unique hotel in Penang. If you are a person who loves to see ancient items, there is a big surprise for you under the air well.

Air well is one of the core characteristics of the building. This kind of architectural feature was designed to promote ventilation and let sunlight brighten up the middle part of the shop-house.

Now the owner covered the air well with rainbow color glass roof. Sunlight shines on these collected antiques under the air well. You’ll find the old style scale machine, bicycle, dressing table, antique female convenient urinal, rattan basket, etc at this special corner.

You’ll discover more curios when you’re walk further or on the way to your room. You can even found television, radio and iron that Penang residents used during those old times.

Best Budget Unique Hotel in Georgetown Penang

Majority people love to visit a museum while traveling to explore local culture and history about the city. If you’re one of them, this hotel definitely is your best choice. You can even include this hotel in your travel itinerary if you are the hotel guest.
unique hotel in penang georgetownYou may allocate a half day here to drink a cup of aromatic coffee in café at the same time listen stories about old Penang and Campbell Street’s history. You’ll found worth every single cents and time you spent here.

This budget hotel in Penang is the best choice for backpackers as well. Because of its location, in the heart of Georgetown, many places of interest in the heritage area and Penang famous delicious food are within walking distance.

Apart from unique accommodation experience, the friendly hotel staffs can serve you with multi languages include English, Mandarin and Malay. If you are looking for a budget hotel in Georgetown Penang, Campbell Antique Hotel & Café is your smart choice.